And here it comes…school again…

So it’s Sunday – the day before Monday – the day before I begin teaching my new K-2 class – the day before Autumn starts her first day of all-day preschool in her very own class. Autumn and I have been talking about this change for our entire vacation. I keep saying; “So, when we go back to school, you’ll be in Melanie’s class the whole day, not just in the morning, and you won’t be going to mama’s class after lunch. I’ll see you in the big yard at the end of the day. She says; “Okay.” And then when I ask her who’s class she’s going to be in she looks at me, smiles and say’s; “Mama’s.”

Oh, well. This year she actually has to be in her own class. It isn’t an option. I’m so wishy-washy, I’m such an annoying parent – I’m the type of parent that drives me crazy as a teacher but it has also helped me to understand why it is so hard for some parents to leave their children, even for three hours, a few days a week. I couldn’t do it. I’m just a door away and it’s hard. Because as much as everyone tells me, “Michelle, she’s three-years-old, she’s a big girl now,” (jeez, I hate that phrase) – she’s still my baby.


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  1. […] pretty much had the run of the school her entire life and this is her first year in her own class, all day. It’s a hard transition but it’s time she had boundaries at school and at home. I want […]

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