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Saturday Afternoon Sculpting

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Peace & Love Tonight…

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Family Movie Night with Our Dog Rosa

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There isn’t a ton of TV/movie watching to be had around our house (well until late night with HBO after Autumn is in bed).  We don’t leave the TV on for background noise, in fact we have a dedicated space for watching movies.  And my obsession with (political) talk radio is what is mostly heard in our main rooms.

But every once in a while we have what we like to call Family Movie Night. We pick a non-kid,  mostly developmentally appropriate, sometimes documentary, sometimes black and white foreign film to watch together.  We’ve watched The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The Water Horse, The Living Planet, Night at the Museum, The Cat From Outer Space, Sam Cooke: Legend, Doctor Dolittle, Knife in the Water, Galapagos, and we just finished watching My Dog Skip. Don and I saw this when it came out in the theaters, sort of by accident with a group of friends and ended up weeping through most of it.

As we shared My Dog Skip with Autumn, it was no different.  We all sat huddled together in our TV room alternately laughing and sobbing.  I found it so much harder to watch this time since becoming a parent.  Mortality seems to be the theme of the season for me anyway.

After the movie, we literally circled around our family dog, Rosa, and told her how much we loved her, stroking her head and her “brown olives” (what Autumn calls the brown spots above her eyes).

An only child and an only dog – a forever bond.


Coming soon – School of Rock and The Bicycle Thief…

Why Do I Always Forget?

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That we need to do things a little differently from the norm with Autumn.

And that it is okay.

Hell, who wants to be normal anyway.  Although it is hard to be the one outside the norm when it comes to parenting.

So, here I am lowering my voice, remembering who my Autumn is, who her parent’s are and what we want from this life – happiness, laughter, love.

With a little disorder, a little chaos – it’s all okay.

The Story

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of a tree.

Day 20 – No Mom Allowed

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While we were all three laying in bed this morning Autumn said:

“Dad, lets go to the football field to play football and leave mom here.”

Cannon Beach

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A Cottage On The Beach

Haystack Rock

The Pacific

Family Portrait

Tide Pools

Riding On Dad

The Sinking Sun