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“Mama, this tree is AMAZING.”

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Seward Park, August 15, 2009.


Balls? Man?

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As I’m laying in bed with Autumn tonight, she cannot stop fidgeting (shocking). I ask her to stop and go to sleep. She turns away from me to settle into slumber as she says, “I’m just scratching my balls, man!”

I had to actually pinch myself, hard, to keep from laughing out loud.

Wonder where she heard that one? Dad!

Word to Yo Mama!

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At the dinner table on Sunday night after a day of gardening:

Me: “Wow Autumn, your shirt is really dirty. You really played hard in the dirt today.” (White shirt literally caked in dirt.)

Autumn: Looks up at me. Points her finger in the air and says, “word” with all the attitude she can muster. Then goes back to eating.

Um, we don’t really use that phrase. Did she go to Philly when I wasn’t looking?

Yo, Respect!


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“They’re coming to get you Barbara…”

Autumn, although she enjoys a nice zombie here and there, is really obsessed with the body, especially the brain, right now. She constantly talks about her skull, her brain, her lungs, her heart, her ribs – figuring out where everything is. “Where’s my penis?” Gotta love that question.

I found this Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold at Archie Mcphees. We added the worms for even more fun!  We got these too, just because we’re disturbed.  They are for us though.  Although Autumn did claim the zombie dog.

Want some?

Teaching Autumn

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Autumn: “You know what mama? Daddy taught me that Salina Kyle is Cat Woman and you taught me that geckos live in the same place as tarantulas.”


We Can Always Hope

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While poking in the hole that used to be her tooth, Autumn excitedly asks; “Mama, do you think that I’ll grow a vampire tooth?”

Then to make me feel better autumn says…

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“Mama, you can be the Bride of Frankenstein because you’re pretty.”