Of Healing and Growth

Our garden is bursting just as our hearts are bursting.  Most days, you can see us peeking out the window or traipsing around the garden’s edges, checking on each leaf, each flower.  So far, in various stages,  we have spinach, peas, various tomatoes, watermelon, pumpkins, tomatillos, egg plant, acorn squash, various sunflowers, radishes, carrots, basil and many other herbs.  All powerful we are, growing our own food.


Food that we plan to share.  Spinach and carrots for dad who has literally healed his heart with vegetables and walking.  Dad’s heart is now working at 50%.  Most hearts work at 55-60%.  After his heart attack Dad’s heart was working at 35% and the doctors didn’t know if it would get any better.  But he is living proof that diet and exercise can change your life.  He is determined to get it back to working to its full potential.  With this renewed heart, Dad is savoring every moment.  You can see his love radiating from his every pore.  Heart attacks are bad, very bad, devastating monsters but I believe we have more of dad today than we did before that horrendous April morning when none of us knew what his fate would be.


So, we’re growing our tomatoes and our hearts, big and red and strong.  The vibration we feel from our own beating hearts and that of the earth itself is the same.  Toiling the soil is giving us moments of pause.  Our day slows as we watch for each new opening flower, each new sprouting leaf.  Today we watched as the purple of the radishes began to show in the black dirt and the yellow flowers of a beginning tomato open.  Each day is something new, something fresh, something we didn’t have the day before.


One Response to “Of Healing and Growth”

  1. mushroom moon Says:

    Look at Dad! He’s glowing. Different person! There’s a life in Dad we never saw.

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