Yard Therapy

I’ve been feeling so sad and lost. I guess for everything there is a grieving process, even when the outcome looks hopeful. Today I woke up finally feeling the hopeful part. So I walked outside with my two sidekicks to do some weed pulling, path building, seed planting therapy.


Oh how I detest the proverbial feet shot but walking out my door today felt so much like a statement in a positive direction.

We planted flowers, started rows and fed the roses and lilacs.

We drank coffee on the porch, walked barefoot, with the sun so warm we shed our outer layers.


I got a dandelion bouquet from my best girl.


With the wormiest yard on the block, Autumn was so busy.


She grew back. Sometimes I’m so shocked to see something live through the winter.


My brick path is finally down. It’s tipsy, turvy and totally crooked – just like my fence, my yard, my rose bushes, my hair. I figure if it had come out straight, it would have looked weird in our yard.

Feeling somewhat back to normal but of course always a little crooked.


3 Responses to “Yard Therapy”

  1. Your path will settle, it looks welcoming.

  2. Looks perfect to me!

  3. Love the photography!

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