A Fear of Dying

It’s been rough around here.  I’ve been gone.  Something Autumn isn’t use to.  On top of dad’s heart attack, Autumn has been obsessed with death.  It started with the death of three dogs in the family.  Two were cremated and she discovered their boxes at Don’s moms.  The other dog died suddenly and was only three years-old.  She was my mom’s dog.  She is buried at my mom’s with her collar.

Autumn can’t shake any of this.  She is now obsessed with her own death.  She asked me tonight as we were eating chips, carrots and hummus, if we would eat corn chips after we died.  She collected some drawings to put in her grave because she cannot fathom being burned.  At bedtime I was reading “Mouldy Mansion” and now she wants that buried with her too.  As much as I tell her that she doesn’t need to worry and that she is young (although she keeps throwing mom’s dog being young back at me) she is still really worried.

Today she asked me all about my grandparents (who have died) and how they died and how old they were and on and on.  I don’t know how we’re going to shake this.  I had her call and talk to grandpa today.  He told her we were going to go fishing and play together when we visit in a couple of weeks.  I want things to feel normal and okay and for her not to worry.  Although she is my daughter, so getting her stop worrying is probably not possible.


One Response to “A Fear of Dying”

  1. Mom’s dog was actually 21, not 3 at all. Max went through this as well, of course he has seen dead people since he was 1 and a 1/2, so that helps! This to shall pass my worrying friend.

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