Little Golden Books

Autumn recently discovered the box set of Little Golden Books that we were given before she was born. There are books tucked everywhere in our house, so it’s no wonder it has taken five plus years for her to find them.  But she is IN love with them.  It helps that they are almost all about animals – puppies and kitties galore!

As I read them, I remember every detail of the The Poky Little Puppy and all the times I read this as a child.  However, I didn’t remember all the guilt and punishment.  Jeez, puppies will be puppies already!


It has been fun though, this simple revisit of books with such great artwork and finally a peaceful bedtime routine (something I thought we would NEVER achieve – whew!  I would elaborate more on this but I don’t want to jinx it.  It has been almost a month though!)

Our favorites:

The Golden Egg Book (my new favorite)

The Poky Little Puppy

The Four Little Kittens

My Puppy

Mister Dog

The Color Kittens


One Response to “Little Golden Books”

  1. mushroom moon Says:

    Sometimes, reading an old Golden Book is a great way to see just how much things have changed. Ha

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