Mid-Winter Break

I’m a teacher, so I have numerous breaks throughout the year.  For almost all of my other breaks, we go somewhere, usually to find the sun but during this February break, I have made a habit of using it to work on our house (that recently feels like it’s crumbling around us.)  Last year I partially remodeled the bathroom. This year I’m painting.  I love white walls but I want to try to strike out a little bit more with some color.

Everything in our house has either been inherited or found.  So, everything is mid-century sort-of.  When we bought a mid-century house and we had all this furniture, I tooled around on eBay for some textiles of the era to tie it all together.  What I found, that I have build our living room around, was fabric that my friend Lily made into pillows for me.  It is vintage and a little funky but I love the colors.  Our furniture is gold.  The fabric has gold, orange and a blue-grey color.  I came up with the idea to paint the long wall of our living room this blue and the other walls a yellow-gold.

So, three years later, I finally have the blue up.  The can was a $5.00 mix-up can, the only way I seem to buy paint but low-and-behold as I was putting it on this morning, it was the exact same color.  I like it.  I’ve yet to swoon.  I think I’m adjusting to the dark color and the yet to be lighter other walls.  But I like it.  It feels rich and it was something I did.  I’m just dying to “make” things right now.

So today, in between mimosas (I am on vacation) and reading to Autumn, my wall color suddenly changed.  And change is good, right?

This morning with pillow inspiration (beige):


This evening with pillow inspiration (slate blue):




One Response to “Mid-Winter Break”

  1. Is that the blue in the second picture? I love it if it is-sort of a steel grey/blue.
    Drink-up and do anohter wall!

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