Ten Things I Have Learned By Living Them (that seem to be weighing heavily on me right now).

  1. When I was getting my Master’s in Education, I thought I would be a public school teacher.  Then I worked in a public school.
  2. That it is easy to judge something you haven’t done before.
  3. That children are not all the same and that one type of education doesn’t fit everyone.  And that it is okay to be protective of your kids.
  4. That homeschooling is just as good as “school” for some and public school is the right choice for some.
  5. That it is important to support people you love and their decisions even if they aren’t the choices you would make yourself.
  6. That you have no idea what you will do in any given situation until you are in that situation no matter how much you talk about it (especially when it comes to your kids).
  7. That humans are social animals who learn best in real-life activities with other people instead of being given answers by a teacher.  And that it must be fun, especially for the young.  And that questions are so much more important to learning than answers.
  8. That love always makes things better, not anger or judgment.
  9. That the world should be about compassion not ideology.
  10. That every person must do what is best for them and their own children.

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