Schooling Adventures

This weekend we took Autumn to visit a school. A school that isn’t our wonderful school. A school that would allow her some time away from both of us, which has never really happened before. She was non-impressed. She wants to continue to go to our school or stay home with dad, which is what we do now. A mix of home schooling and community schooling and it seems to fit her just fine. But there is a little piece of me that would love for her to have her own space somewhere in the world.

It is gut wrenching these decisions. How do you really know what kids need? I try to listen to her and feel out how she physically and emotionally responds to places and situations. It is so hard to separate your own experiences from your child’s. I want so much for her: experiences, freedom, materials, love and above all for her questioning soul and her lovely, lovely spirit to never be squashed. Because she’ s perfect just the way she is. And as I look around at home and at school, she already has all of these things at her fingertips.

So much emphasis is placed on “school” when what we do everyday by living is school in itself, or at least what I believe school should be. And I know she has the rest of her life to be without us, carving a space for herself. So, this week I will look at another school, thinking about how she best fits into this world we live in and if they offer something that she doesn’t already have. Because what is more important than hanging out in bed with mom and dad, reading books in the middle of the afternoon, and having important discussions like, “Mom, do snails sneeze?” and “Mom, did President Lincoln turn into stone and then die?” What school can compete with that?


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