About a Deer

We have a freezer full of venison from Don’s family.  They hunt and when we are home visiting, they pile it into our trunk.  I was a vegetarian for nine years before I became pregnant and I’m still unable to eat deer meat.

A few weeks ago, Don made a huge crock pot stew with venison, quinoa and vegetables.  Autumn loved it until I told her it was deer meat.  Like every other time we eat meat, we had to have a discussion about where it came from, how it was killed, who killed it etc.  She is already on a strict diet of no wheat, no dairy and no soy, so if she decides to become a vegetarian, there is going to be little left for her to eat.  But I’m leaving it up to her.  So far she has decided no on the deer meat.

Ever since the stew incident, she has been obsessed with deer.  She wants to see them, talk about them and watch You Tube video’s of them.  When we were visiting my family in the sticks this week, my sister had the idea that we should go see the deer up in the mountain town of Conconully, WA. Autumn had been talking her ear off about deer, so we all piled into the car and slipped and slid all the way there.

Just as we came into town, the deer appeared.  They have overtaken this tiny mountain town.  There were two deer in someone’s yard, so we stopped and I got out to take photos. One of the deer literally walked up to me and put its nose in my hand, obviously expecting food.  Don got a Bumble Bar out of the car and I fed it while he took a turn with my camera.  This was the sweetest moment.

Then the deer took off into the woods.  Moments later, around a dozen deer came running over, including some young deer.  Don, my sisters and Autumn also were able to hand feed the deer until we all felt a little overwhelmed by their presence and dusk turned into night.


2 Responses to “About a Deer”

  1. This is my one of my favorite memories of being together this holiday season. The photo you posted takes me right back there – it perfectly captures the light as the cold day turned into night and we stood in awe of these gentle creatures. It was such a sweet adventure, and now, a new family tradition. Thank you for the the lovely post, it made my day.

  2. That was such a fun experience. I’m so glad you posted photos.

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