In the Stitch: Part II

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been in a crocheting daze. With Amy’s help, we have been finger crocheting at school as well.

On Wednesday, the sun was blinding, so we took the few kids that hadn’t left for thanksgiving already, to the park.  I took my current project with me and sat down on the bench and began to stitch.  Another group of kids walked up to the park and I was immediately flanked by a fourth grade boy and a second grade boy.  The second grade boy had a finger knitting piece going and the fourth grade boy started teaching me how to finger knit and then asked to try crocheting with my hook.  I showed him how and he did a few stitches as if he’d been doing it forever.

These boys, who I found out were brothers, were at the daycare down the street for the day because the public schools were out.  I watched as the second grade boy finished his finger knitting and then began to rip it out and start again.  I asked him why he ripped it out and he said that this was all the yarn he had and that his mom couldn’t buy any for him because, gulp, she was in jail.

I couldn’t get my hands unraveled from my yarn fast enough before I handed over my giant blue ball of yarn to him.  He looked up with me with such gratitude and pride.  He walked off to show the fourth grade boy and I could hear him say, “it’s even my favorite color.”  The fourth grade boy came over and asked if I had given it to him and I could tell he was so envious.  I told them that I would bring some more to the daycare later that day.  I started to gather my kids together to go and the second grade boy brought over the first piece he was working on and without saying a word, he held it out to me.  My heart stood still.

The very fact that these boys would rather knit than play battle, tackle or war was in itself heart warming.  I left school a little bit early so I could drop by their daycare.  I gathered all the yarn I had brought with me, which was a ton because I was on my way out of town after school.  The boys had pointed up the street to show me where the daycare was, so I would know where to take the yarn.  When the door was opened, the people running the place weren’t too friendly or happy to see me and I didn’t think it was okay to ask for the kids but I hope they got their yarn and are finding their own solace in the stitch.

Lucky we are.  Thankful I am.


One Response to “In the Stitch: Part II”

  1. That is such a sweet and sad story-the complexities of life!

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