Celebrating Columbus Day

I actually forgot it was Columbus Day until I was sitting at Town Hall, listening to Sarah Vowell (my beloved Author) wit “Columbus ushered in the age of cooties.”

“The only thing more dangerous than an idea is a belief.”  This is the first line of Sarah Vowell’s new book The Wordy Shipmates.  As I listened to her speak tonight, she amended it to say, “The only thing more dangerous than idea is a germ” in reference to Columbus.  How fitting to see miss witty historical on Columbus Day.

I laughed so hard tonight.  I deep hardy, adult laugh that I haven’t heard come from me in a while.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in motherhood, teacher-hood, that I forget to stretch out and revisit that piece of me that I need so badly.  I looked around town hall tonight and saw so many of my fellow book addicts and I could feel myself taking one more step back toward me.  I can’t wait to take Autumn to see my favorite Authors.  Soon.  I use to take her when she was still nursing but…  Soon.  So very soon.

Sarah’s books in order of my preference.  Read them.  They are like candy.  And so important.

The Partly Cloudy Patriot

Take the Cannoli

Assassination Vacation

Radio On (The introduction about Kurt Cobain is magnificent)

I’m just starting The Wordy Shipmates (I’ll let you know how it goes)

And from Sarah’s suggested reading list to help us get out from under the fear mongers we have in office at the moment – Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Inaugural Address, March 3, 1933.


5 Responses to “Celebrating Columbus Day”

  1. Brittaney Says:

    Yeah, Adam and I spent the day (aside from school) listening to NPR and how disgusted they were with the holiday’s existence. I really cannot believe it is still celebrated, and neither could all the callers.

  2. you just don’t mess with US History as it is told by the text

  3. I predict her newest will surpass Take the Cannoli!She will be here in Oly on Feb 13th-can’t wait.

  4. You should check out my blog, I’ve made a bunch of posts with art in them.

  5. Actually, Ms Vowell’s latest is Unfamiliar Fishes – a disturbing account of Hawaiian Regime Change perpetrated in the 1890’s by the United STates – http://www.npr.org/2011/07/14/134738707/unfamiliar-fishes-sarah-vowells-glib-luau-tales

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