The Reading Chair – Year Five

Being a teacher of five to eight year-old kids, I seem to constantly be saying, “she’s so five” when it comes to Autumn.  She is writing mom, dad, dog, Autumn. She’s asking questions like, “where do platypus’ live, what do they eat, why do only the daddy’s have venom?”

Yesterday, as I walked into the living room, Autumn and Izzy were in the gold reading chair and Autumn was tracing her finger under the words and telling Izzy a story about dogs.  She was so confident and careful.  So very five.  And lovely.  In the same chair that I’ve spent so many hours reading to her.


One Response to “The Reading Chair – Year Five”

  1. autumn is totally loving the perks of school. reading to friends was one of my favorite memories as a child.

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