A Halloween Set-Up

Autumn spends most of her time creating set-ups – with her doll house (no dolls, only animals), with her furniture, and with her cemetery set (doesn’t every kid have one).

Tonight, we dug out the Halloween decorations, which includes a ceramic haunted house and all the trimmings.  I love how every year holiday decorations are just like getting something new.  She gasped every time she took something out of the black and orange boxes.  It was all like a dream, all this spooky stuff that she would love to get her hands on everyday of the year.

She took her time setting everything up just so – the pumpkins, the leaves, the trees, the cat, the lanterns, the headless horseman, the trick-or-treaters, and the fence (a prized possession).  I handed her breakables as she teetered on her chair at the mantle. When she was finished, she stood back with her arms out and said, “Don’t you just love my set-up?”

Magic I tell ya, this parent and child gig – it can be just magic.

(Photos by Don Roff – the dad)


One Response to “A Halloween Set-Up”

  1. “Don’t you just love my set up?”

    Magic, indeed.

    At my house, we have the entire ceramic Christmas village, that was once my mother’s, that we get out the day after Thanksgiving. My eldest son swears still that it is his favorite day of the year; the quiet unpacking, the giggles that go with the sledder with only one leg (remember when….), the ever-so-careful placement of each decoration, each tree, each little person, until we sit back and turn on the lights of the snow village, and someone sighs. And yes, that parent/child gig feels filled to the brim with magic.

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