Craven Farm Traditions

Every year for the past five years we’ve gone to Craven Farms on the first weekend the pumpkin patch is open.

We return as many times as possible before Halloween and take as many friends and family with us as possible.

We are often a caravan of three or more cars, weaving our way through valley’s farms and always (suprisingly) with the sun on our faces.


7 Responses to “Craven Farm Traditions”

  1. So pleased you girls were together. Autumn looks like her Aunt Melissa too.

  2. Brittaney Says:

    Michelle, your creative reminders need updating.. Mel’s wedding was a while ago! lol

  3. Yes, but I just finished making her gifts.

  4. i still remember the first time we went to the p-patch, i was broken hearted and you and donnie were taking care of my heart and autumn was the only thing that made me smile. at the end of our first trip to the patch, or perhaps it was before the patch, we stopped and ate those yummy hamburgers. i can even remember exactly what i was wearing that day. a tradition that has become so important to me, thanks for always having me along for the ride!

  5. Brittaney Says:

    Ohhh I see. I want to go to the pumpkin patch with you and Don and Autumn, can we go over there this following weekend or something?

  6. Next weekend would be great! It’s raining kittens and puppies here today. Let us know…

  7. Brittaney Says:

    It is here, too. And we had a Thanksgiving dinner tonight, made especially by Adam. Check my blog for photos

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