Current Obsessions 1 & 2

1.  The Fennec Fox

For my sister’s birthday in May we went to the zoo and Autumn got this stuffed Fennec Fox.  We didn’t even see the fox that day but we saw it a couple of weeks ago and she is now in full-on Fennec Fox mode.  She’s even dreaming of them.  So we went back to the zoo especially to see the Fennec Fox because she wanted to show them their stuffed counterpart and the photo of them in the book.  And of course, the fox was hiding but this is the shot from a couple of weeks ago.  We’ll go again soon.

(Fennec Fox Photo by Don Roff)

2. Butterflies

Then Zanne and I found these butterfly costumes at the thrift store for Autumn and Izzy and now we are reading up on our butterflies, of course while wearing wings and antennae.  I mean what else in life is there.

Obsessions make life worth living.


3 Responses to “Current Obsessions 1 & 2”

  1. fennec foxes are cuuute. you can keep them as pets, but i think mom would kill me if i brought one home.

  2. Yes, we’ve been watching them as pets on You Tube at night.

  3. I do know about obsessions; dogs and cars and Kennedys, oh my.
    We have 2 Shelites (1 Bear Cub aka Killa Whale), a Peka Tuz, and a Corgi (Morton Mini Pooper) all in one house. Our yard is a mine field. Lord, no more pets for now.
    Buttttt the fennec foxes are too cute to be real so maybe a stuffed one.
    Five vintage autos and too many Kennedy books to count.

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