I know I always have something to say when it comes to politics and poor choices but this time there are really no words.


5 Responses to “Palin”

  1. What! What do you mean? Of course her political agenda be will be in women’s best interest.. right? Right? Because she’s a woman? Or.. would we still be voting for an old whitey male?

  2. I get through it all by just thinking of Michael Palin every time I hear the name, then the pain isn’t quite as bad.

  3. Palin does not believe in abortion for any reason. Imagine giving birth to and raising a child that was fathered by someone who raped you.
    She attended the Pentecostal Church for years and I’ve been there. No wonder her daughter is pregnant at 17; 80 percent of the teenage girls who attended the church I was raised in had babies before they were adults.

  4. B.R.A, Z.I.L.!

  5. She receives her political mojo from burning bushes.

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