Two Girls

Michelle & Zanne – Seattle 8/20/08 (photo by Don Roff)

We’ve been the best of friends, she and I, for so many years. Lived in Seattle together. Lived in New York City together. We’ve lived apart for the last five years, and while we waited for each other to make the next move, we’ve had a long distance blog together (sadly abandoned after the talk of the move), mostly featuring our two daughters that have been growing up missing one another. They are now so happy to finally be together, “we are sister’s” they say.

Welcome home. We are so happy to have you back. Get here fast Rob, we miss you! We are going to get into so much lovely trouble together us six.

“Two girls in a bed, I’m so happy.” ~Autumn


5 Responses to “Two Girls”

  1. The end of September is coming fast.

  2. mushroommoon Says:

    that haircut = best haircut on you. how awesome are you and zanne!

  3. mushroommoon Says:

    p.s. i totally put that rhino on your laptop

  4. oooh, so happy to be here! whew…

  5. Two girls together again, it makes me smile.

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