Day 12 – Eating Chinese Food

When Don and I were first together we often ate at Bamboo Garden on Lower Queen Anne in Seattle. One day my fortune cookie read “You’re dearest wish will come true.” I don’t usually keep my fortunes but for some reason I tucked this one in beside my driver’s license in the clear vinel pocket of my wallet. I remember thinking to myself, “I don’t know what my dearest wish will be but I’ll know it when it happens.”

Then, six or so years later we had Autumn and I fit her first wallet sized photo into this very same slot just behind the fortune and I knew immediately what my “dearest wish” was even though I had never wished it out loud. I’ve never seen this fortune again until yesterday when Autumn, as usual, handed me her fortune from her cookie and said, “Read it mom.” And I did, “Your dearest wish will come true.” Even if you don’t know what it may be.


2 Responses to “Day 12 – Eating Chinese Food”

  1. lollipops don’t suck. you suck on them.

  2. mushroom moon Says:

    lol, i know. i am too. i was just saying we’re all suckers!

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