Mom Uninterrupted – Day 1

Even though Autumn and I have spent nearly every moment of our lives together, since I started working at the lovely community school when she turned one, she has had to share our days with a classroom of other children. While this has had its absolutely glorious moments and a seemingly perfect compromise for a working mom, it has also meant that she is often waiting for me, not getting my full attention and has never really gotten a summer of mom all to herself (well except for that first, fitful, painful to latch, hunkered down in newbie mom love summer).

So here I have three weeks off. It wasn’t really planned but I had the time offered and here we are. Everyone asks me what am I going to do with ALL this time – what vacation do you have planned – New York? (our usual destination). And while we are planning small trips here and there around our very own beautifully summery state, I’ve been giving the answer, “I’m going to be a mom.” For three weeks Autumn gets me, uninterrupted.

And we are going to make the most of it.

Coulon Memorial Beach Park


2 Responses to “Mom Uninterrupted – Day 1”

  1. Hold on tight.

  2. Now THAT’S a girl who thinks life is a beach. Maybe she’s right.

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