Thank God We Weren’t in the Woods

Last night both Autumn and I were up visiting and revisiting the bathroom facilities due to some horrible intestinal malady. In between crying jags, toilet sharing and 3:00am sitz baths, we shivered under the covers as I read aloud 117 pages of Bill Bryson’s, A Walk in the Woods. I think Bill would love to know that his rediscovery of America helped save our sanity a little bit as we pretended we were sleeping in the woods vs. falling asleep on the toilet.

Now I’m ready to hike, but the Pacific Crest Trail will do me just fine – I’d hate to be taking a crap in the woods and hear “squeal like a pig for me” from behind.


2 Responses to “Thank God We Weren’t in the Woods”

  1. pudldive Says:

    I hope you both are feeling better!

  2. first, i hope all is well soon.

    second, OMG! you are sick. i mean beyond the intestinal malady that is.

    everytime someone brings up THAT movie i can’t stop thinking abot it for weeks. shudder.

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