Days Off

Besides tiptoeing around my daughter like she’s a bull in a china shop, I’ve not done much with this week off. Well, I worked of course because who doesn’t work when they are on vacation.

I did plant two raspberry bushes, two blueberry bushes, went camping without my family for one night, didn’t clean the house although I really did try – for fuck sake I need some organization.

We didn’t go to the zoo, mostly due to the attitude funk we’ve seem to have fallen into around here. The lake seemed too hot one day and too rainy the next. Hopefully we’ll try these by the end of the week. Why is it that we seem to have a rough go of it when we have all the time in the world to do anything we want – we’re not so good at schedule changes around here I guess.

But I did reupholster my dining room chairs on a whim. Autumn helped with the fabric holding and stapling. I used some hand-me-down, what I believe to be old curtains. I reupholstered these chairs once before, just after I had Autumn, and I must have been high – Toile, what was I thinking? This fabric is much more suited to our funky 50’s household.

We’ve had a fun, thunder-shower morning together, so we’re off for some adventure. Autumn is in need of some craft sticks. She has a plan to make a dog house (what else?) out of Popsicle sticks and glue. And who am I to get in the way of her plan. I guess it’s a good thing they aren’t sold in china shops.


3 Responses to “Days Off”

  1. I like the chairs.

  2. pudldive Says:

    Beautiful! I love the new chair covers and I think they go perfectly with the feel of your lovely home. Someday I may ask for you help doing the same to my dining room chairs, they need to be jazzed up.

    I hope you all had a fun 4th!

  3. Great job on the chairs. You are a regular Maria Von Trapp what with the reusing curtains for a new purpose and all!

    Found you through the Blogher site. I’m sure I’ll be back for more…

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