10 Things I Need Right Now

  1. Someone to turn 5 – supposedly it is the magic year, full of good tidings and mama love.  This would solve the birthday anxiety issue that I have every year as well.
  2. A little cooperation from the not-quite 5 year old.
  3. A few less judgmental looks/comments from those who don’t know just how much negotiation goes into our daily not-so-quite cooperative moments.
  4. For my daughter to turn from a dog into a human, frankly I’m done with excusing her complete lack of recognition of the English language because she is “a dog.” I swear she’s been a dog for two entire years.
  5. Did I say I needed some cooperation – oh, yeah, got that one down. And a sound proof wall between the front and backseat of my car.
  6. A few less daily tantrums because sometimes I actually do have to take her to the store.
  7. To find a new way of coping with my frustration surrounding said uncooperativeness – I’ve run out of steam on all my fall backs and I’ve also run out of really good drugs.
  8. Some really good drugs. And a clean house as a chaser.
  9. Quite possibly, I little bit of me time. After just taking my first night away from my family, I realized just how much I need it – I nearly kept driving, oh lovely sunshine! We are together 24/7 now that I am her teacher as well.
  10. To go snuggle to sleep with that uncooperative rascal that I love beyond measure. Goodnight.

One Response to “10 Things I Need Right Now”

  1. #5 – i am consistently amazed and annoyed that noone has invented that soundproof wall yet for use in cars besides limos. they’d make a mint!

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