Don and I fell in love at Twice Sold Tales on Capital Hill – a seedy, stinky, over-run with mangy cats, all night, used bookstore. We spent every Saturday night, after midnight there – everything being 25% after 12:00am.

Twice Sold Tales recently moved from our spot and I ventured in for the first time last weekend. There were piles of books stacked against the walls as the cats rubbed against them. Very few shelves were full except for Queer Fiction and as I perused the shelves there were my friend Chris Bram’s books.

I was all of a sudden swept up in nastalgia. We met Chris and his absolutely fabulous partner Draper in 2001 when we lived in NYC. We have the love of books link and I don’t think about him without picturing his glasses perched on his head (a trait Autumn has copied for her sunglasses) and his ever novel filled mind batting authors back and forth across the table from me.

I miss our book talks and his easy manner. Seeing his books on the shelf, felt a little like a hug from him when he would leave us at the Christopher Street station for our ride uptown on late balmy summer nights in the city.

Oh, friend love, book love, summer love.


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