Birding Partners

During my bird watching adventure this weekend, I was standing on the deck with my lens pointed toward the far horse pasture, closest to the pond, when I glimpsed the head of what I thought to be a Ring-necked pheasant.

I darted down the stairs, over the wooden fence, through two other pastures, over a metal fence and half way across the far pasture, all with my trusty Australian Shepard, Rosa, trailing behind me. As I approached the pheasant, it ran into the tall grass and out of sight.

We have never “trained” Rosa. She’s just our companion. We don’t expect her to sit, lay, roll over, play dead. So when I turned around and sternly said, “stay” I didn’t know what to expect. But she crouched down and waited. I crept closer to the grass when all of a sudden the pheasant burst out of the grass and flew off, over the trees and toward the pond. It was shocking and I was a bit shaken by the sudden burst of giant bird careening over my head.

I quickly pointed.


And shot.

Then I took a breath, turned around and there was my beautiful Aussie waiting for me to release her from her spot. I said, “good dog,” then she jumped up and ran around as if to say, “I’ve been waiting for a job like this all my life.”

I don’t know if I’m just getting old but this little adventure was a blood-pumping thrill.  And I do believe that I could live the rest of my life in this very pasture.


2 Responses to “Birding Partners”

  1. Good dog, Rosa!

  2. Rosa is living up to her “farm dog” nickname. Black ‘n white and bark all over.

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