Birds for Max

Dear Max

I would love to see your bird call book. I’ve been wanting this Bird Songs book for a long time now.

Here is my Mourning Dove:

And here is my Great Blue Heron:

I wish they were more detailed photos for your research. Sheri has up-close photos of the Mourning Dove and the Great Blue Heron. Keep watching. I’ve been spying on a Ringneck Pheasant.

p.s. Happy Birthday to you and your mommy.


2 Responses to “Birds for Max”

  1. thank you, i love you, Max

    You made his day, and that is tough for anyone else to do when his Yia Yia jis here!

  2. also, that is the book that Max has, cheap, or should I say, cheep, at Costco!

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