Magpie Fly

I keep my Familiar Birds of the Northwest book on my desk beside my front window. I dog-ear the pages that have the birds I’ve caught glimpses of. But we have a killer cat and a bird dog, so the birds mostly stay at bay. Occasionally I’m privy to a hover here, a fly by there and since my new love, the Rebel, has entered my life, I’m capturing them within my lens.

I caught this Magpie at the bird sanctuary that is my husband’s parents back-forty in Walla Walla, WA. I could stand on their deck all day long with my lens pointed toward the pond. Today, I caught a Great Blue Heron, an American Robin, Canadian Geese, Swan, a Mourning Dove, Mountain Quail, Mallard Ducks and many more that were too small and fast to identify.

(This shot is for Sheri because she doesn’t have a magpie on her life list (birds) and this list often helps resurrect my day.)


2 Responses to “Magpie Fly”

  1. awwww, i love the magpie. so nice. we have none in our neighborhood. thank you!

  2. Max would like to see the Blue Heron and the Mourning Dove, if you would please like to show it to him. Miss Autumn loves her doge and Master Max loves his birds. He would like to show you his bird call book!

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