A Pink Puppy Skirt (and Bag) for Autumn

This last weekend, in the middle of Saturday night, while I watched or rather listened to Superbad, I sewed my very first article of clothing (well outside of a hat, scarf or slippers).

I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself. I didn’t use a pattern or look up how to get the elastic in the wee little skirt – I just wanted to work it from my head. Skirts are perfect for that.

I was hoppin’ to show Autumn BUT she is so not a clothes horse, and when she finally saw it the next morning, she was non-impressed. But later she came in from playing outside, grabbed her skirt (and the matching bag I made), and took them out to show the neighbor girl.

Then on Monday morning, she put on her new skirt to go to school, ran into her room, and came out with her glam, glitter heels that I picked up at a yard sale. (She did trade them in for sneakers before we left for school.) She then packed her dog pals into her new bag and was ready to head out.

On the way to school, she named the breeds of all the dogs on the skirt as I smiled from the driver seat.


4 Responses to “A Pink Puppy Skirt (and Bag) for Autumn”

  1. Hi,

    your blog is great!

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  2. It’s so AWESOME!!!!! I bet she’ll remember it forever, can’t you see her telling her kids or grandkids about when her mom stitched up her most favorite skirt ever with matching bag, and that she knew all the breeds of the dogs on the skirt and that she wore it until it was too tight. Congrats!

  3. Mushroom Moon Says:

    What a fun skirt and bag! Autmn looks awesome. She should definitely consider being a vet.

  4. love the shoes with the skirt, so cute!

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