My Turn

When I was a kid, every day after school, I would walk to my grandparent’s house. In the spring, the lilacs would bloom, the buttercups would peak up out of the grass and the lily of the valley would bow their heads. I always kept watch on the budding happenings in the yard. So much of my time was spent under the lilac bushes, breathing in their sent.

Every May Day after school, I would sneak around the back of the house, twist off a few of the lilac branches, sneak back around to the front door, place the lilacs on the blue porch, ring the bell and run back around to the back door. Every May Day, Nana would open the door just as I was coming up behind her and gasp in surprise at the thoughtful person who had anonymously left her flowers for May Day. In my child’s mind, I really thought that she didn’t know it was me and I adored how she was always surprised and delighted by the kind person who left the flowers.

One of the first things I did when my husband and I bought our house was plant a lilac bush next to my bedroom window. I want to keep that smell near me and the spirit of my Nana with me always. Every May, I tell this story to my family and anyone else who will listen. I feel her love all around me as I pass the story along.

Now I am a mama and for the first spring of my life I am the one getting the flowers. Daily, I open the front door to dandelions, buttercups, lavender and lilacs covering my orange front porch. And now it is my turn to gasp in surprise, in delight, and in memory.

Happy May to my girls- the one in my arms and the one in my heart.


2 Responses to “My Turn”

  1. Those Lilac bushes still enclose the backyard of the house I grew up in. It is hard to grasp both in my heart and my mind; so many years have passed since I lived there. Most days either on my way to or from work I drive by. If I slow and look carefully enough I see my Mother standing behind the Lilac bushes; wearing a floral bleached out summer dress her hair in the breeze. With a cloths pin in hand she is hanging the families clothing up on the line.
    I too long to be there once again.

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