A Garden Party

The perfect way to kick off summer (and experiment with my new Rebel.)

Amy, lives on top of Luna Park Cafe, so her house and garden are literally on the roof. She is also super crafty, funky and loves to do things like have a garden party. Everything around her is color and creativity. Everyone needs a little bit of Amy in their lives.

Autumn and I made cupcakes the night before. We made them garden green with summer star sprinkles.

Revealing the surprise inside the pan was Autumn’s glorious moment. Zavier didn’t mind helping out with them either.

The hummus, the pineapple, the bread with garlic cloves, the basil, the mint kept flowing down the stairs.

Melanie used the chocolate mint from the garden to make delish mojitos. It was so fun to just walk out onto the roof and pick whatever we needed for the food and drinks.

Cheers to the final arrival of hot weather, cool drinks and friends.


One Response to “A Garden Party”

  1. What fun; the flower is almost as beautiful as the little girl with her tongue sticking out

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