Thank You!

Because even though I’ve been just the intsyist-bit stupefyingly (stop going to work/leave the gas-oven on too long) depressed lately. That even my bestest of bests don’t know what to do with me, there are always those few of you I can ALWAYS depend on to let me be my funny, reject self in spite of the lingering, John Carpenter type fog, I’ve been wading through.

This past week I’ve received so many sing-song happy birthdays on my answering machine, including a Marilyn Monroe version, my pub hop with Paul and Melanie, my super-special lunch overlooking the marina with Lois, my strawberries and chocolate at Calamity Janes with Koko, my book reading with Augusten Burroughs and my sis Melis.

Along with all these visits and food communion, so many of my loves sent me such thoughtful (and many hand-made) gifts, that my dining room table began to overflow. All I can say is, “”You like me, you really like me!” Which of course I already knew or you certainly wouldn’t put up with all my self-pity and sanctimonious wallowing.

The hand-made crocheted owls from Amy (who knows I LOVE owls?), the hand-made, begged for, messenger bag from Zanne along with the usual fantastic goodies that come with packages from ms. Z – oh, the earrings, the hand-made, screen-printed, original art piece, t-shirt from Rob, the hand-made necklace from one of my student’s, Anya, the hand-made painting from Autumn, the so-very-me, bracelet and earrings (and message) from Sarah, the wire dress from Melissa, the cash-money from my mom and dad to drag my butt to someone who will rub my back, wax my brows or sell me plants and the Cannon Rebel with the 300 mm lens from Don, so that I can continue to hide from the world behind the lens of my beloved new (heart throbbing here) point-of-view. Because didn’t I steal this line before: “If I do nothing else, I at least I take pictures and make plans.”

Humbly yours, my friends.


4 Responses to “Thank You!”

  1. I don’t know what to say but yes, we love you. So stop trying to build walls between you and we and give us your sweetness.

  2. Some days you’ve gotta take the sour with the sweet.

  3. pudldive Says:

    i’ll take the sour with the sweet sister –

    there we were
    washed up on the curb
    as the rush hour traffic
    went out with the tide
    and I was aware that
    with every word spoken and shared
    i could see her shaking subside
    i said sister looks to me
    like you’re going to be fine

    always, always that song takes me back and i always, always think of you. love to you my sister.

  4. “self-pity and sanctimonious wallowing.” Hey those are my traits.

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