Bringin’ the {Mama} back for just a moment…

10 Things I love about Autumn Wilder – just because I wanna:

  1. I love your big rosy-round face, almond eyes, silly hair (just like me – the silly hair part.)
  2. I love that you wear boys briefs and tube socks to dance class while everyone around you wears tights, tutu’s, ballet slippers and tiaras.
  3. I love that when you visited your best friend and she wanted to play dress-up in “princess stuff” that you dressed up in a teeny, tiny sheep costume instead, playing along with your friend, while sticking with your love and preference of animals.
  4. I love that you make up your own bed-time stories that include lots of potty talk, while hitting all of the descriptive details and plot points that make up a great story – Joseph Campbell would be proud.
  5. I love the IDEA of you “fighting us every step of the way through this life of ours” and I also love when you play along.
  6. I love having you in my class in the afternoons and watching the way you work and play in your very own world of friends.
  7. I love that today when we were in the play yard at school, that you bent down and drew an A in the dirt because A is for Autumn.
  8. I love it when you stroke my face while we’re lying in bed together just like I do for you.
  9. I love that you love me with all abandon.
  10. I love that you love animals almost as much as you love me.

(She’s almost five, someone bring me an oxygen mask!)


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