Day Five



Brush Teeth

Piggy Back

Four Books (Count ’em – no more, no less – at least at bedtime)



Shut Door (YIKES!)

For five days she has gone to sleep without a word (well almost) and before nine pm. It is revolutionary. Tell me it will last? Two and a half months until her fifth birthday. Have we finally licked the sleep suck-a-thon? I’m going to now say that it won’t last. That it’s just a passing phase, like nipple biting. So as to not disrupt the flow we have going.



One Response to “Day Five”

  1. shhhhhhh….don’t talk about it…….bad ju ju when you talk about it. I don’t talk about it anymore. shhhhhhhhhh if you never mention it again, she will be able to sleep…right? it’s going to happen right? right? right? somebody tell me it’s going to happen…

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