I often see pictures in which every single bit is out-of-focus and I think, “what kind of BS is this” but then I’ll see a great shot and think, “hell ya, that’s just beauty, that’s just pretty much how I see the world all the time anyway: out-of-focus, on the run, two seconds too late.”

Today we took Autumn to Cinerama for the first time to see a 70mm print of Superman The Movie. It was perfect!  Cinerama is super-swanky with it’s star-field ceiling, mod carpets and funky wall coverings. As I was clicking away Autumn became obsessed with the water fountains, I took these two shots back-to-back (I pretty much refuse to use a flash) and lo-and-behold, I’m in love with the out-of-focus BS I just made.


2 Responses to “Out-of-Focus”

  1. She is growing up way to fast.

  2. Mushroom Moon Says:

    I literally do see the world like the first shot, if I don’t have my glasses on. Coke bottle lenses 😀

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