Pinky Swear

If Autumn and I are ever trapped in negotiations that are bringing either of us down, we’ve come up with an “out” (or rather I taught her this, spur-of-the-moment when I didn’t know how to get us out of a no-win negotiation,) so that we can change course when the waters become tsunami-esque.

If either of us has had enough, we put up a pinky, which is asking the other to join in and put up a pinky, we say “Pinky swear”, smile (usually through tears,) hug, Autumn then says, “Let’s be happy” (because this is what I said when I taught it to her) and we move on.

The funny thing is, I thought I would be using it to help her calm down but I’ve actually never employed it myself since its initiation. However, Autumn uses it all the time. So, I guess it’s really something for her to use on me, that says, “Hey mom, take a Lude, I’m your baby girl!” And it works.

Amen sister! We can all use an “out” in this life, here and there – pinky swear!


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