I caught it on the wings of the internet…

Because if I accomplish nothing else, I at least take pictures and make plans.

I read this literally seconds after I wrote my post about my plans to finish my novel. And because both of these women’s words have also altered by life, I’m taking it as an official omen.

Reaping, sewing, stealing snap shots away in words – I go…

(I am however first going to read An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce because Kurt Vonnegut told me to – don’t authors speak to you from the grave or from a concert hall in UCLA?)


2 Responses to “I caught it on the wings of the internet…”

  1. oh – that “Take pictures and make plans” is so perfect. Makes my heart sing and it just rings so true for me right now too.

  2. I love when omens become official.
    : )
    tracey from shutter sisters

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