A Weekend

Egg-coloring pagans.

Stuffed baby cats being born in the dining room.

Spider dog painting on the wall.

Finishing the trim.

Fresh, new bedroom walls.

Finding the umbrella that aunt Leslie gave her for her first birthday.

So much love. So little clothing.


5 Responses to “A Weekend”

  1. pudldive Says:

    Looks like a fun weekend. Love all the pictures. Can’t wait to see the bedroom!

  2. Fun times! Gotta love the weekend.

  3. Makes me hungry

  4. Max won’t wear clothes either! Let’s meet at the zoo and let their naked little kindred spirits roam freely amongst their animal freinds! By the way, looks like a perfect resurrection Sunday-birth, fresh paint in the boudoir, and colored eggs. Not as pagan as you might think!

  5. naked painting is the only way to go. it keeps the clothes clean and the neighbors tend to want to pitch in and help more.

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