A Garden Island

I’m not a tropical beach kind of gal. I’m more of a city seeker. But. I’ve been having tropical fantasies of late.

Last summer we took a trip to Cannon Beach and while it wasn’t tropical, it was perfect for our family. There are no rules about how certain four-year-olds should behave on a beach. You’re suppose to be messy, loud and running around like a crazy person – just our style.

We’ve been talking about the Galapagos Islands at school for a long while now since Isabel’s grandma got the trip to Galapagos at our “buy our school auction” last year.

We also have an occasional “family movie night” at our house that consists of air popped popcorn and a movie we ALL want to see. This weekend we watched “Galapagos” on Blu-ray HD. It was extraordinarily beautiful and full of creatures and the history of Darwin’s visit and his initial theory of evolution.

I was inspired. And although that would be a phenomenal trip, I know we can’t even afford the flight to Ecuador. But someday, maybe not in the too far distant future, we could wrangle a trip to Kauai.

I’ve been drooling over beaches, waterfalls, cottages, swimming with turtles, sleeping on sand, showing Autumn the Island forests and their animals. It’s just the right kind of dreaming for this first Sunday after the full moon, after the vernal equinox, as it storms a cold wind just outside our door.

Soon Kauai, soon. Galapagos to follow.

You come too…


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