A Dalmation

Autumn is obsessed with dogs. You know immediately when you meet her by her panting and drooping paws. She is more recently head-over-dewclaws in love with dalmatians.

We were at the dog park on Saturday and there was a beautiful, silky dalmatian named Freddie and Autumn got to “pet his spots.” Swoon!

When we got home, she pulled out her how to draw a dog book, turned to the dalmatian page (the reason we own the book in the first place) and drew a dalmatian with big lovely spots. I helped a little bit due to all the begging. I would draw a line, then she would draw a line. You can kind of see the two different ink colors. I tried to have a minimal presence but she loves to do things together, which is nice – most of the time. (Although, I’m beggining to wonder if I will ever get to stand under the water in the shower ever again.)

She seems to think we are going to get a dalmatian in the near future but she is sorely mistaken. Dalmatian drawings are nice though.


2 Responses to “A Dalmation”

  1. Love those cheeks. Nice dalmatian!

  2. Dalmations have more energy than pretty much any dog–it would be perfect for her in that way!

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