The Voting Machine

Me, of the righteous voting camp, who registered to vote at 8:00 am on the morning I turned 18, saw this bumper sticker the other day and nearly wept in appreciation.

“If we all stop voting, then will they all just go away?”

Whew. We need a little more anarchy, a little more love and a lot less sanctimony from EVERYONE in this lame-ass process we call an election.

Me, who really did love them both for a while, nearly hate them both at this point. ACK!

But then there is this…

And I know I’ll never NOT vote but dammit Dennis can’t you come back? This purer than thou b.s. is giving me hives. I could use a little alien love.


2 Responses to “The Voting Machine”

  1. …and it is only going to get worse. Our little alien would not have lasted. You either get caught up in it, or you leave with your alien heart intact. At this point in “the race”, it is wise to remember why we fell in love with them in the first place and ignore their current behavior. Rather than the honeymoon period, let’s just call this the affair period! And remember, when the elaction is over, the smoke has cleared and we are wiping our collective furrowed brow-the only thing that matters is the fact that the Dems are in THE house!

  2. Marxism really just appeals to me lately more than ever. :\

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