“They’re coming to get you Barbara…”

Autumn, although she enjoys a nice zombie here and there, is really obsessed with the body, especially the brain, right now. She constantly talks about her skull, her brain, her lungs, her heart, her ribs – figuring out where everything is. “Where’s my penis?” Gotta love that question.

I found this Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold at Archie Mcphees. We added the worms for even more fun!  We got these too, just because we’re disturbed.  They are for us though.  Although Autumn did claim the zombie dog.

Want some?


4 Responses to “BRAINS!”

  1. That is AWESOME! My girls would love that!!!

  2. mushroommoon Says:

    The zombie dog will do well with those googly eyed pretty pet shops.

  3. Nice. Iz can’t wait to get her hands on that YUM!

  4. The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms play…

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