Because I’ve Been Feeling a Little Bit This Way Myself

During the caucus, I was obsessed and well, divided. After I made my mark on the ballot, I had to step back, take a breathe and let what will be, will be.

And while I do still have a deep respect and love of both democratic candidates, I have been feeling a bit swept under the rug gender-wise. I’ve been sneaking back in again, mostly at the gym where I have no control over the remote. And I have to say, most of the discussions happening around liberal tables are making me terribly uncomfortable with their sexist banter.

If they were discussing Barack Obama this way, there would be a huge uproar. But I hear very few women’s voices taking this issue on. It makes me angry but it makes me even more sad. That this is only how far we’ve come, for women’s rights, in such a very long a fight.

But of course, Gloria Steinem does. And I thank her for doing so.


5 Responses to “Because I’ve Been Feeling a Little Bit This Way Myself”

  1. Mike Gregoire, our first gentleman, came to school last week and read to our third grade classes. My sixth graders helped me make a sign to welcome him. I was explaining that Mr. Gregoire is the husband of our governor and a female student had this to say, “Ooooh yuck, our Governor is gay”! Wow, we have not come very far after all have we, if our young women can not envision a future for themselves beyond stereotypical gender roles that belong in the past. Sad…

  2. It is shocking when men make sexist comments regarding Hillary. At one time I thought that this type of thought and behavior was mainly secluded to small town America; but sadly enough, it is not. Women still have along way to go before we will stand side by side with the self-entitled insecure male ego.
    It makes me ill that what men are entitled to, I have to fight every step of the way for.

  3. Jen at droolstreet has a great post on this

    It is beyond discouraging to see that much of the hatred sent her way is due to the fact that she’s female.

  4. mushroommoon Says:

    It is sad when I turn on NWPR and they discuss Hillary’s “cleavage” and “evil laughter”. I don’t even feel a desire to listen to NWPR anymore. Yuck.

  5. matches Says:

    Thank you for mentioning these things. i’m actually rooting for obama, but your point is well heard here.

    I cannot stand how ignorant people are on sexist issues. I work in an all male office (and am a male) and have grown so weary of the comments negative towards women.

    just on t.v. tonight someone said, ‘you brought your dancing to the table like a guy. good job’

    it upsets me.

    no it infuriates me.

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