It Takes a Village

Day 29 – A-Thing-A-Day

For my last day of the month of making things, I shopped! Which I don’t do very often.  And, which is sort of the opposite of making things.  But Autumn made many things with the stuff I brought back.

I went to Value Village to look for fabric to make my summer frock. I didn’t find any but I did find many things for Autumn. I love finding the perfect thing to bring home to her – two dogs, one cat, a bed, animal dishes and a brush. All for only $.99.

She was in the bath when I got home, so I set it all up for her, including the box town, two new books (we’ve been looking for Fox in Socks used FOREVER) and a stack of animal magazines. SCORE!!!

She set up her town immediately and played for about six hours with the animals without coming up for air. What a perfect day. Playing on the floor of the living room as if she was in a completely different land. Her dialog was hysterical. I love my girl of such grand imagination!


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