Tangerine Bamboo

Day 28 – A-Thing-A-Day

Yesterday I walked out into the play yard outside of Autumn’s classroom. All the kids were outside with watercolor spray bottles. There was paper taped up to the wall but only a few kids were actually spraying the paper. There are so many other things to turn into pretty colors. Autumn found a piece of bamboo on the ground (it grows up on the hill behind the play yard) and began to soak it in a beautiful orange. She was so focused, covering every section and soaking up the sun.

I walked back to my classroom, the classroom that Autumn would be moving to in September and said to a long-time, like-minded parent; “Do you think I could leave Autumn in her classroom for another year?” I was sort of joking, mostly because she’s been in that classroom since she began going over for part of the day from my preschool class as a toddler in 2005. But I love the fact that she has been in the same class forever. The bonds she has with her teachers and the other kids is so loving, strong and important.

Then, I thought, why not! She’s barely five in September and I just want her to play, play, play for as long as possible. My K-2 class is play based but we do spent a good portion of the time on focused work. Also, her best friend is just four and will be staying in the preschool another year. Autumn doesn’t make friends that easily (much like her parents) and I want her to be able to be with her as well. I’m not 100%, but I think I just may my follow my heart with this and leave her to play the days away for just another year.

Besides, who else is going to paint all the bamboo in the yard, orange?


One Response to “Tangerine Bamboo”

  1. Look at those big hands covered with color.
    I wish I would have kept my children back a year; let them be children and play for one more year. The world is giant and difficult to navigate. I agree, give her more time.

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