A Girl Named Autumn

Day 23 – A-Thing-A-Day

We are having a February spring here in Seattle. Autumn picked this tree out just before Valentines Day and then used it today to shade her animals from the sun.

We made waffles with sprinkles this morning – we seem to be seriously blurring the lines between meals and dessert. Just so you know there is almond butter under the whipping cream.

Autumn made a drawing today. She doesn’t do a ton of drawing, she is more of a role-playing with animals kind of gal. And when she does draw, she usually creates more abstract pieces. This is her first real face. She titled it “A Girl Named Autumn with Blond Hair.”


4 Responses to “A Girl Named Autumn”

  1. great shots here!

  2. Of course, the waffle is whole wheat and spelt, the syrup is from the maple tree in your backyard and I s’pose Grandpa grew them there apples on your plate!

  3. Well, the waffle is a multi-grain with flax, the syrup is organic from Vermont and Grandpa grew the apples in his backyard with seeds procured from Johnny Appleseed himself. Yo, Tiny, wanna come over for brunch? Call me already!

  4. …and the the sprinkles are vegan!

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