Day 23 – A-Thing-A-Day

Today I made plans to make this summer dress. Goal: to make it in a print but definitely not the one shown. I’m a little predictable with my clothing colors – black and brown it is. I try to stray a bit in the summer but it is so hard for me.

And Autumn made plans to acquire a bushbaby. She’s become obsessed with the rain forest. She’s been packing this book around for days. Maybe we’ll send her on a trip for the month of March to find one! Just kidding! “Silly Mama” says Autumn.


3 Responses to “Plans”

  1. OOh, nice dress. It’s going to be fabulous. I can’t wait to see the fabric you pick. This would be pretty:
    or this:
    or this:
    ok, I’ll stop now…

  2. I love the first one – they have a similar print at IKEA. (It has both black and brown.)

  3. would you like to make two flower girl dresses? 🙂

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