Dramatic Lemur

Autumn’s current favorite animal flick:


5 Responses to “Dramatic Lemur”

  1. Iz says: It’s so scary. I got an animal for my house, it’s Cinnamon.

  2. Thanks Autumn! Can Max give you a call at 3a.m. when he is still awake after watching this? The boy is FREAKED out…

  3. What’s funny is that Autumn thinks this is hilarious. I would love to come over. I gotta make out with Finn already – did I tell you, we’re soul-mates!

  4. Your kid mught scare the crao outta my kid-which I guess would be appropriate (sp)! Finn has the chops for makin’ out-he gives major juicy kisses! C’mon over and bring Britt and Mel with ya…

  5. […] inspiring happy this lemur • do this with radicchio (thanks, m!) • domestic spaces/human […]

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