Day 21 -A-Thing-A-Day (Well, we made it to the aquarium.)

Today we had this bright idea that we would take Autumn and her best friend Raeya to the aquarium. We have a membership from when Izzy and Zanne visited and we thought we should use it again. We also wanted to take them to see the mummies at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop since they are Daphne and Velma. They loved the thought of solving a mystery but the mummies are a little freaky!

All went well, until the ride home when Autumn had a hunger crash and turned into The Night of the Living Dead. And of course mid-freak out, a train went through town, the South Park bridge went up and Autumn nearly had to hitch hike home. Ah, family time. And we wonder why we never leave the house on our days off.


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