Day 20 – A-Thing-A-Day

This week is our mid-winter break from school. These are days that I wish that we could homeschool full time. I love exploring with Autumn. Playing games, drawing, making math out of our snack, organizing and lining up all the toy animals in the house. Often Autumn stays home with dad while I teach. I love thinking about them at home hanging out, learning what she wants, when she wants.

I guess technically she would be unschooled instead of homeschooled. We have never pushed her into working on her numbers, letters, memorizing crap for no reason. She is free to learn on her own and when she brings something up, we’re there to help her find what she needs or give her supplies to find the answer herself.

Her preschool classroom is the same way. Our school is the ONLY school I have ever wanted to work in since having Autumn. Teaching at Community School has been one of the best things that I’ve ever done. It was perfect for me when she was small. I was pretty depressed at home and she joined me on my classroom adventure, first in a backpack and sling, then as part of the class and then to her own class, finding others to open her heart to. She has made incredible bonds in her classroom with her teachers and her best friend Raeya.

I like to think I’m a homeschooling mom at heart but then I think about all the reasons why we don’t/can’t/shouldn’t – 1. We would end up staying home – A LOT, I forget about the rest of the world when I’m not forced to be in it. 2. Oh, yeah, we need money and I really need to be financially self-sufficient otherwise I feel claustrophobic and I kind of like that Autumn sees me go to work while dad stays home. 3. I LOVE MY JOB and the kids and being a part of our school and helping to change the way education is viewed. 4. I have complete autonomy (since I started the K-2 program) in my classroom and I like to think of it as homeschooling at school (for those like myself who must work but want what I want for my child.) 5. I do get depressed when I’m home too much, my inner hermit takes hold and that can’t be good for anyone.

But maybe when she’s done in my class, which goes through 2nd grade, we will – although I can’t imagine EVER leaving my job.  Who knows – that is way too far in the future to contemplate. Yes, Autumn is going to be in my class this next year for kindergarten. It’s been a while since she’s been in my class and well, we’ll see how it goes – it’s a totally different thing when other kids are involved. I’m so looking forward to her getting to be a part of all the amazing things we do in my class. It is an early education like NO other.

For now we have the best of both worlds – Community School with homeschooling with dad since he’s freelancing right now from home. We let her choose when she wants to stay home (unless Don’s under a deadline, which has mostly worked out.) I don’t get to be the one doing it but that’s okay – she loves learning with her dad and he looks stuff up on the computer with her – tonight it was scorpions.

I’m just feeling in love with being home right now, that could change with the wind but for today we…

Made a tea party

Colored – we don’t usually buy coloring books but just look – dogs, cats = HEAVEN! (Note the pj’s.)

Watched the lunar eclipse

Ah, home.

But tomorrow, I could be losing my mind!


One Response to “Home”

  1. There was an article in the NYTimes a few months ago (or a year ago?) about unschooling. And after I read it, I realized that my children go to a traditional public school *and* we unschool at home. I could not homeschool for a load of reasons, mostly that I would probably end up lounging around, never doing much of anything. However, following my kids’ lead in exploring their interests? That I can do.

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